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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Shelf Browsing Guide to the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library

A guide to the printed books collection in the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, as arranged by Library of Congress Classification System, and a guide to the Library of Congress Call Numbers

Subclass H: Social Sciences (General)

Subclass HA: Statistics

Subclass HB: Economic Theory. Demography

Subclass HC: Economic History

Subclass HD: Industries. Land Use. Labor

  • HD28-70: Management
  • HD101-1395: Land use
  • HD1401-2210: Agriculture
  • HD2321-4730: Industry
  • HD4801-8943: Labor. Working class
  • HD9000-9999: Special industries and trades

Subclass HE: Transportation and Communications

Subclass HF: Commerce

Subclass HG: Finance

Subclass HJ: Public Finance

Subclass HM: Sociology (General)

Subclass HN: Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reform

Subclass HQ: The Family. Marriage. Women

  • HQ12-472: Sexuality
  • HQ503-1064: The family. Marriage. Home
  • HQ1075: Sex role
  • HQ1088-1090: Men
  • HQ1101-2030: Women. Feminism

Subclass HS: Secret Societies

Subclass HT: Communities. Classes. Races

  • HT101-395: Urban groups
  • HT401-485: Rural groups
  • HT601-1445: Classes
    • HT680-690: Middle class
    • For Working class, see HD4841+; HD4901
    • HT851-1444: Slavery
  • HT1501-1595: Races

Subclass HV: Crime. Social and public welfare. Poverty

  • HV85-525: By region or country
  • HV553-639: Relief in case of emergencies
  • HV640-645: Refugee problems
  • HV697-4959: Protection, assistance, and relief
    • HV701-1420: Children
    • HV1551-3024: People with disabilities
    • HV4023-4470: Urban poor. Slums
    • HV4701-4890: Animal welfare
  • HV5001-5720: Alcoholism. Temperance reform
  • HV5800-5840: Drug use
  • HV6001-7220: Crime
  • HV7231-9960: Criminal justice

Subclass HX: Socialism. Communism. Anarchism