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Classics Journal Gateway: Introduction

Welcome to the Classics Journal Gateway. The University of Illinois Library is home to one of the world's greatest collections of journals related to Classical Studies and to closely allied fields, including Archaeology, Patristics, and Medieval Studies. This LibGuide offers a comprehensive listing of the University Library's journal holdings in these areas. It also allows you either to access journals online or to order scans made from print volumes.

  • Journals are listed in alphabetical order. Each entry links directly to the library catalog record, which provides current information on the journal's status, its physical location within the library system, and whether it exists in print, online, or both.
  • A typical entry will include the journal abbreviation as found in L’Année philologique, the standard bibliography of the field. L’Année philologique produces a comprehensive list of abbreviations that is of obvious utility to students and scholars.
  • Most entries include a call number as well (the Classics Collection uses Dewey), which remains a constant identifier regardless of the journal's physical location within the library system.  Many entries will have an additional option to click on a brief overview of the journal that, in most cases, derives from the publisher's description. Click on the red label icon () to go to the publisher's website.
  • If a journal can be found online, you will see at least one accompanying lock icon. An unlocked icon () indicates that our online coverage of the journal is open-access. Simply click on the icon to be taken directly to the journal. A locked icon () means that authentication is required. Click on this icon to log in and access the journal.
  • Please note that if you are off-campus, you must be affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to access these online resources. Because of licensing agreements, our subscriptions cannot be shared with other institutions, including those in the I-Share Consortium and even the other campuses of the University of Illinois System. However, any patron can access online resources from the many public computers in the University Library itself. 
  • If a journal is not online, you can request articles in print journals to be scanned and sent to you using our DocExpress service. Affiliated patrons can use this LibGuide itself to make the request. Simply click on the "DocExpress" tab and follow the instructions. Scholars from other institutions should directly contact the Classics Librarian, David Morris (, with any requests.
  • Some open-access journals are included among these entries. However, you can find an extensive list of nearly 1,600 open-access journal titles in Classical Studies and related fields at AWOL: The Ancient World Online.         


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