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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Qualitative Data Analysis: MAXQDA

Resources on conducting qualitative data analysis



Additional resources



Data capabilities Analysis capabilities Other Features
Code text Manual and automatic coding Support REF-QDA format
Code PDFs AI Assist add-on: automatically analyze and summarize content Can purchase Team Cloud as an add-on to work on projects simultaneously and store them on the cloud
Analyze images Automatic transcription with AI Assist Data stored locally or on-network
Analyzes video and multimedia files Import transcripts Can merge projects and track changes
Import codebooks and lists Intercoder reliability measure: Code existence or frequency in the document, segment agreement in percent  
Import survey data from Excel, SPSS, and SurveyMonkey Concept mapping  
Import bibliographic data     Write and attach memos  
Import webpages Automatic speaker detection and speaker-based analysis  
Import YouTube comments and transcripts Text search tools  
  Sentiment analysis  
  Mixed methods data compatible