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Peru: Databases

Vernacular Language Resources

There are many databases for doing your research, however, this is a vernacular language guide. The following are just a tiny sample of what the International and Area Studies Library has to offer.

This databases is maintained by the Universidad Nacional Autónmoma de México (UNAM). It contains about 350 thousand resources. These resources include book reviews, essays, articles, biographies, statistics, and much more. Topics covered include sociology, history, philosophy, political science, library information science, and other topics. 

This databases contains open-access journals, originally from Brazil. It also includes many countries from Latin America and contains results in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

A unique portal, this provides links to other 'portals'. This portal contains a directory of academic journals from Latin America,  Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean.

This database focuses on social sciences and humanities. It provides full-text scholarly journals.

Provides access to high-quality content in Spanish. There are thousands of e-books from various Spanish or Latin American publishing houses. Topics covered include Art, culinary arts, performing arts, law, and much more.

 This virtual library focuses on access to health information, knowledge and scientific evidence of health. 

This is a private cultural entity. It was created to contribute to the development and integration of Latin American Cinema. The hope is also to cooperate in the rescue and the consolidation of the cultural identity of Latin America and the Caribbean.


The International and Area Studies Library offers many databases. For a complete list of databases related to Latin American and Caribbean Studies, check out the databases page.