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Peru: Media

Bibliografia Literaria en Revistas Peruanas

Revistas Peruanas Image Revistas Peruanas Image 2
Author: Villanueva, Elsa
Publication: [Lima], 1964.
UIUC Call Number: Q. 016.86 V714B
Location: Oak Street Facility [request only]
This bibliography was completed by the students of the "Catedra de Literatura Peruana y Americana", which means "Chair of the Peruvian and American Literature." The work for this bibliography was done under the supervision of Dr. Elsa Villanueva. Although this work does not have an introduction, the table of contents provides the titles of the magazines and journals, as well as the years covered. Magazines and journals beginning from 1897 to 1963 can be found in this bibliography.There are a total of 58 pages in this bibliography. Like most bibliographies, an entry number is assigned to each annotation. In this case, the entry number starts at 1 and goes to 601. The continuing number is supposed to be 602, but due to error (most likely) it skips it and goes straight to entry number 902. So, the entries go from 1-601 and 902-2889 for a total of 2588 entries. It is important to note that while looking through the annotations, there would sometimes be mistakes in entry numbers. For example, a number might be missing. Each annotation provides the title of the article, the magazine or journal it is located, issue, year, page, and entry number. There is no index, but there is a page of references in the back. This page details the authors that were used when compiling materials for this bibliography. The entry number that corresponds to these references is also noted.

Newspaper resources

We have compiled a list of newspaper resources. These resources have access to newspapers around the world, historical newspapers, and historical abstracts.

  • Historical Newspapers: This page contains links to historical newspapers from not only Illinois, but international newspapers as well. Examples include Hispanic-American Newspapers (1808-1980) and Latin American Newspapers (World Newspaper Archive).
  • Access World News: This online newspaper resource provides full-text access to over 700 international sources. The user is able to focus on local, regional, or world issues. Date coverage is different with each source.
  • Historical Abstracts: This databases covers world history (except the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Topics include world history, military history, women's history, and more.
  • Ethnic Newswatch: This databases has access to 200 newspapers and journals. It includes English and Spanish language articles, editorials, columns, and reviews.
  • Latin American Newstand: Contains full-text content of Latin American newspapers.
  • BBC Mundo: This website is part of the BBC World Service's foreign language output. BBS Mundo services the Spanish-speaking world.

Radio and Television

The following is a list of resources related to radio and television.


  • Radio Station World: This website contains a directory about radio broadcasters online. Included are regional broadcast networks, shortwave radio, satellite radio, hospital radio, cable radio, and much more.
  • Zona Latina: Contains a list of radio stations in Latin America.  Stations are divided by country and include city and genre.
  • Spanish-language Radios: This list contains a list of Spanish-Speaking radio stations.


  • Zona Latina: Contains a list of television networks in selected countries of Latin America.  Networks are organized by country and include name of network and city.
  • PAT TV: This television network is from Bolivia. This contains cultural entertainment and social media interaction.


The following is a list of resources related to magazines

Online magazines:

  • Zona Latina: This contains a list of magazines. Organized by country and genre.
  • LANIC: Has various magazine sources. Organized by country and genre.

Library Media Resources on Latin America

Provided by Alexander Street: This database provides online access to documentaries produced about Latin America and the Caribbean. You can search by country or by specific title. Access is provided to the campus community only.

Search for hundreds of films from different genres, including documentary and fiction. This database includes a section of "Latin American Studies" in Global Studies & Languages. You can also use the countries or regions as search terms. Access is provided to the campus community only.