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Peru: National Bibliography

Catálogo de Autores de la Colección Peruana

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Author: N/A
Published: Boston: G.K Hall, 1979
UIUC Call Number: Q. 015.85 P435C
Location: Oak Street Facility (Request only)


This catalog of authors contains 6 volumes and reflects the collection at the Biblioteca Nacional Del Perú. It is organized by alphabetical order and is spread out through all 5 volumes. The date coverage spans 424 years, from 1553-1977. The entries are arranged by alphabetical order, depending on the author, title or institution. The organization is based on the Dewey Decimal System. The authors are identified according to numbering assigned in the “Tablas de Notacion” by Luis Malaga and the cataloging standards of the Anglo-Americas. The entries are in the form of photocopies of card catalogs. There are 21 copies of those card catalogs per page (unless specified). The volumes contain entries from books, booklets, periodical publications, maps, and materials related to music. The following are the languages included in the entries provided: Catalan, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Quechua, Aymara, and other Peruvian dialects.

Volume 1
Libros y Folletos A-Con
Total of 809 pages
21 entries per page
Introduction v-vi
Preface vii-viii
Abbreviations (organized by alphabetical order) ix-xiii
 *Note: Volume 1 is the only volume with an introduction, preface, and abbreviations page. The other volumes do not.
Volume 2
Libros y Folletos Coo-Ins
Total of 835 pages
21 entries per page
Volume 3
Libros y Folletos Int-Or
Total of 785 pages
21 entries per page (except on page 785. There are only 8 entries)
Volume 4
Libros y Folletos Os-Rod
Total of 783 pages.
21 entries per page (except for page 783. There are only 14 entries)
Volume 5
Libros y Folletos Roe-Z
Total of 725 pages
21 entries per page (except for page 725. There are only 3 entries)
Volume 6
Periodical Publications, Maps, and Plans
Total of 762 pages
A page for a table of contents: Pages 1-686 are for periodical publications, Pages 687-762 are for maps and plans.
21 entries per page (except for pg 762. There are only 8 entries)
The periodical publications are arranged alphabetically name of the periodical. For example, “Aire Libre” or “Alerta”. The maps and the plans are arranged alphabetically by region, city, town, country or name (of owner of the map, I imagine) For example “Peru Siglo XIX” or “Hassel, Georg M. Von”
Volumes 1-5 are photo scans of a card catalog with bibliographic information
Arranged alphabetically name of author, title, or institution

La Imprenta de Lima (1584-1824)

Imprenta de Lima Imprenta de Lima image 2



Author: Medina, Jose Toribio
Published: Santiago de Chile, Impreso y grabado en casa del autor 1904-07
UIUC Call Number: XQ. 015.85 M46L
Location: Rare Book & Manuscript Library [non-circulating]
*Note: While the materials may be non-circulating at UIUC, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan


La Imprenta en Lima by Jose Toribio Medina consists of four volumes. The date coverage for these volumes are from 1584-1824. These volumes contain entries from books, periodical publications, and printing presses from Lima. There is information about the very first printing presses in Lima until Peru's independence. The books included in these volumes correspond to a certain year and are organized by alphabetical order according to author’s last name. If the works are anonymous, then it is organized alphabetically by the first word of the title. According to the author, there were many events that hindered Peru’s publication of intellectual works, and that is the explanation for some date gaps in the volumes. Each volume varies in the date coverage that they provide and they the volumes are organized by year.

Volume 1 (1584-1650)

Volume 2 (1651-1767)

Volume 3 (1768-1810)- This volume contains entries that are from this specific era, but the exact date is unknown.

Volume 4 (1811-1824)


Bibliografía Peruana

Bibliografía Peruana

Author: N/A
Published: Lima : Biblioteca Nacional Del Perú, Direccion General de Bibliografía Nacional y Ediciones
UIUC Call Number: Q. 015.85 AN891
Location: Oak Street Facility [request only]


The following work contains information about published works about Peruvian books or by Peruvian authors in the year of 1991. The content in this work is organized according to Dewey Decimal Standards. This has allowed not only stability the information, but has offered the lecturer an accessible classification for their investigation and research. The content is organized by subject and authors, in alphabetical order. The “Bibliografía Peruana 1991”, along with the other 9 volumes are, in short, a reflection of the editorial dynamics that were practiced throughout these years. Years available through UIUC catalog are 1991-1999.


Apuntes para un catálogo de impresos




Title: Biblioteca Peruana. Apuntes para un catálogo de impresos

Author: Moreno, Gabriel Rene

Published: Santiago de Chile, Biblioteca Del Instituto Nacional, 1896

UIUC Call Number: 015.85 B47

Location: Main Stacks


The items compiled in these two volumes belong to the collection of the Biblioteca del Instituto Nacional (National Library). These items have been donated or purchased over the span of 36 years. Like previous bibliographies, these entries have their own organization. There is a page titled, “Advertencias”, which informs the user about the very detailed organization of these entries. The entries are organized by chapter, which is by alphabetical order. On the left hand side, there is a number assigned to each entry. It begins with one, two, etc. The entries are arranged by title and have a small citation for each one. The citations have the title, author, small description, physical measurements of the item, and publication information. There are 1816 entries in the first volume. After the entries, there is a page for errors and omissions. It has the entry number and a small description of the error that was made. The index or “tabla” is arranged alphabetically, by author’s name and entry number. The last “index” is for subjects, language, or institutions. It is a very short index, but it is arranged alphabetically and has the entry number for that specific institution or language. Volume 2 is in continuation to the first volume, so it begins with the last entry #1817. There are a total of 1657 entries. Like volume 1, this volume also has its two indexes. However, volume II also has bibliographic notes. These notes correspond to the first volume. The notes are organized by entry and title of the work.