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Peru: History

Introducción a las bases documentales para la historia de La República Del Perú con algunas reflexiones

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Author: Basandre, Jorge
Published: [Lima] Ediciones P.L.V. [1971]
UIUC Call Number: 016.985 B29i
Location: Main Stacks

This work, “Introducción a las bases documentales para la historia de La República Del Perú con algunas reflexiones”, is technically, not a bibliography. The entries provided do not provide the names of the publishing presses, editors, number of pages, physical measurements, and other similar details. The purpose of this work is to show a “list” with some details and it is to be seen as a practical guide to those interested in its contents. There is a total of 479 pages, with 6320 entries. Like previously stated, the annotations consists of the name of the work, the author, and the year it was published. These entries are divided by a couple of sections. There are 3 sections, with the third section having 6 subsections.

  1. Catalogs or Peruvian guide (works that are related to only Peru)

  2. General publications abroad

  3. International or Latin American works published abroad

    1. In Chile

    2. In Europe

    3. At colleges in the United States

    4. At the National Archives and in the State Department in the United States

    5. General catalogs of big libraries

    6. General catalogs  and indexes of some libraries and Hispanic American archives


After the last entry, there is a table of contents at the end. This table of contents is very detailed and includes the subjects and dates of the works included in this volume.


Publicaciones Seminario de Historia Rural Andina (1968-2000)

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Author: Andazabal, Rosaura
Published: Lima : Seminario de Historia Rural Andina, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 2006.
UIUC Call Number: LABO.04/2006.173
Location: Oak Street Facility  

At the end of the 1950’s, Peruvian society went through a series of structural changes in their politics, economy, and society. This work contains an introduction to the Andean rural history of Peru. There is a total of 179 pages with 270 entries. The annotations for these entries contain the title, author, # of pages, publication details, and a small description. There are a couple of indexes. They are author, title, subject, and country. The table of contents is the very last page fo this work.

Bibliografia: Mujer Rural en el Peru

Mujer Andina En el Peru Image 1 Mujer Andina En el Peru Image 2
Author: Chira, Carmen
Published: Lima : Red Nacional Mujer Rural, Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán, 1989.
UIUC Call Number: 016.30772082 C445B
Location: Oak Street Facility 
This bibliography has publications about the conditions of female labor workers. The date coverage is since the 1970's. The bibliography is aimed towards people who work with female labor workers, as well as the people who are interested in this topic. This work is 52 pages and contains 120 entries. To provide more detail into the formation of this bibliography, the author collected an inventory of works and then selected them based on the necessities of this bibliography. The work is divided into two parts. The first part is a list of general works and the second part is organized by geographical zones. The zones are north, south, and central. The author, Carmen Chira says that "the effort to compile a bibliography such as this one, is an unrecognizable reality." Carmen Chira extends an invitation to exchange and create dialogue that is necessary today in the country of Peru.

Bibliografia Peruana de Historia 1940-1953

bibliografia historia bibliografia historia 2
Author: Tauro, Alberto
Published: Lima, 1953
UIUC Call Number: 016.985 T19B
Location: Oak Street Facility
This bibliography serves as a guide for students. Apart from the normal citations that are included in bibliographies, book reviews are also included. There are a couple of publications that are present in this bliography, the title and a brief description of the publication is included in the introduction of this work. The table of contents includes detailed chapters and the subjects covered. There are 196 pages and a total of 1214 entries. Each entry has the title or author, publication information, physical description, a very small description, and an entry number assigned to each notation. The index at the very back is organized by author's last name.