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Finding English-Language Sources for Social Science Topics in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia: ISI Emerging Markets

There are a multitude of resources that will lead a student to English language materials for the region but some are particularly valuable. This guide will help the student to find those at the UIUC library website, highlighting some of the best.

Breadth and depth

ISI Emerging Markets contains an amazing breadth and depth of full-text business-related information, broadly defined, although chronological coverage is heavily skewed toward the very recent past. Items can be found dating back to the mid-1990s, but the vast majority of material dates from the past two years.

  • Current, full-text, vernacular-language coverage of 70+ countries, including all of Eastern Europe and (almost all of) the former Soviet Union
  • "Unique content," including full-text news articles, financial statements, company information, industry analyses, equity quotes, market-specific information, as well as proprietary research, analysis, and statistics
  • Content aggregated from from 2,150+ data providers, representing 13,000+ local & regional information sources
  • Updated daily
  • Very little retrospective information
  • the entire Garant Russian law database is included in ISI, along with major statistical packages, etc., etc.

Lists of all the full-text sources available for each country can be accessed by clicking on the "Sources" tab in the menu running across the top of that country's page.

Although materials relating to larger geographical regions can be searched and reviewed, ISI is primarily organized on a country-by-country basis, with a wide range of search options and types of materials accessible within each country. Clicking on Belarus', for example, takes the user to the following search screen (click to enlarge):



Among many other options here, users can select Latest from the "News" portion of the menu bar, which retrieves links to a huge amount of same-day information on a variety of topics. The following image contains the sample first part of the list.  You can select from news by Publication, Content, and Source.


Aeroflot Search 



Above is a search on the term "Aeroflot" limited to English language materials.  As you can see the results range from general articles about airlines in Russia to those on Aeroflot's most recent performance in the stock market.  All ISI materials are full-text, so once you get a search strategy set it can be a one stop search.


The amount of information available via ISI can be overwhelming. ISI's own User Guide, available in the menu bar at the upper right of the screen (see below), can help users navigate the database more effectively.

The User Guide's partial table of contents is reproduced below to provide a more complete sense of how ISI is organized.


Subject Guide

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