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Finding English-Language Sources for Social Science Topics in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia: ABSEES

There are a multitude of resources that will lead a student to English language materials for the region but some are particularly valuable. This guide will help the student to find those at the UIUC library website, highlighting some of the best.

Refine your search

One of the major advantages of using a database like ABSEES is that you can refine your search results to reflect precisely what you want. So if you are just looking for book reviews for a particular title you can limit to reviews. As you can see there are a number of parameters that can be set. Here I was searching for materials on national identity in the Russian Federation and wanted only articles.



The question you be asking is why bother with this if you can get results via Google Scholar or even Easy Search.  ABSEES will be searching scholarly journals on the Slavic field where Easy Search will definitely search scholarly journals but not necessarily the specialized journals devoted to Slavic studies.  So it rather depends on what you are seeking.  If you want a view of Russian national identity in the context of American politcal science - use Easy Search.  If however, you want that topic in the context of Slavic scholarly research you might want to start with ABSEES.


Subject Guide

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