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Finding English-Language Sources for Social Science Topics in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Home

There are a multitude of resources that will lead a student to English language materials for the region but some are particularly valuable. This guide will help the student to find those at the UIUC library website, highlighting some of the best.


Is this how you feel when you are looking for material on a topic? As is you are wading through material, print or digital, and don't know where to start?  This session will hopefull give you some starting points and some "best practices" for research.  There is an immense amount of material available and it is often difficult to find exactly what you need.  Basically, you need to ask a few questions at the beginning.  

  • Do I want a Western perspective or that of the nation I am studying?
  • Am I looking for primary sources such as newspaper accounts, memoirs, etc.? 
  • Am I looking for books or articles? 
  • If books do I have titles or am I really just at the start? 
  • Do I know how to use subject headings in the library or am I betting on keywords?

Today's session will introduce you to a few of the key resources we have available at the library, but I would encourage you to come back and discuss your topic if you need any assistance at all.  We are fortunate here to have a reference division that deals with nothing but Slavic questions and we can be of great assistance to you.  You will find our contact information in the right side bar.

Toolkit - Databases

Subject Guide

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