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Afghanistan: Civil War and the Taliban, 1991-2001

Afghanistan's Political Parties

Ruttig, Thomas.  Islamists, Leftists --and a Void in the Center.  Afghanistan's Political Parties and where they come from (1902-2006).   Kabul: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Afghanistan Office, 2006. 


Bleaney, Heather; Gallego, Maria Angeles.  Afghanistan. A Bibliography.  Leiden: Brill, 2006.  Series: Handbuch Der Orientalistik[Handbook of Oriental Studies] 8 Central Asia : v.13.  ISSN: 0169-8524.  ISBN: 900414532X.  UIUC Call Number: Slavic Reference  958.1Af344 [non-circulating].  Indexes:  Subject Index and Index of names.  Total number of entries: 5081.  Languages:  English, Russian, French, German, Dari, and Pushto. 

Published in 2006, this bibliography is divided into the following sections:  General Reference and Scholarship; Geography and Ecology [the country and people]; Travel and Photography; Orientalist (and other) representations (fiction set in Afghanistan)[Note: General Fiction and Russian Fiction]; Religon and Religious Groups; Anthropology and Ethnography; Language; Literature; Arts (Traditional Crafts); Performing Arts; Architecture; Cultural life in general (cultural institutions); Education; Sociology and Demography; Health and Medicine (Narcotics, Cookery and Food); Economic and Economic History; Archaeology (related subjects); History; Politics and Political Ideology; Foreign Relations; Communications and Mass Media; Law; Index of Subjects, pp. 350-364; Index of Names, pp. 365-398. 

Civil War and Taliban:  Scholars would find the following subsections to be extremely useful for any analysis on the Afghan Civil War and the Taliban: "Tribes & tribal society," pp. 51-52; "Pashtuns (Pakhtuns)," pp. 52-57; "Uzbeks," pp.57-58; "Turkmens," pp.58-59;  "Kirghizes," pp. 59-60; "Tajiks," pp. 60;  "Hazaras," pp. 60-62. 

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