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Afghanistan: Soviet Occupation, 1979-1989

Afghanistan's Political Parties

Ruttig, Thomas.  Islamists, Leftists --and a Void in the Center.  Afghanistan's Political Parties and where they come from (1902-2006).   Kabul: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Afghanistan Office, 2006. 


Hanifi, Jamil M.   Historical and cultural dictionary of AfghanistanSeries:  Historical and cultural dictionaries of Asia, No. 5.  Metuchen, New Jersey:  Scarecrow Press, 1976. 



Najrabi, 'Abd Allah Fihrist-i asnād-i tārīkhī-i Arshīf-i Millī-i Afghānistān.  Bibliography of the historical documents of the National Archives of Afghanistan [Persian].  Kabul: : Kumitiyah-i Dawlati-i Tab` va Nashr-i J.D.A,  1986.  Format: Microfiche.  Location:  Center for Reserach Libraries, Holdings Record  

Published in 1986, this Bibliography of Historical Documents of the National Archives of Afghanistan is organized numerically. Each entry contains the following:  name of the document, subject, date of publication, description of the document, and a brief annotation.   


Allan, Pierre; Bucherer, Paul.    Sowjetische Geheimdokumente zum Afghanistankrieg (1978-1991)Series: Strategishce Studien Band 8.  Zürich : Hochschulverlag, 1995.  ISBN: 3728122076.  UIUC Call Number: 958.1045 So93.  Language:  Russian and German.  Part I: The Period before the Invasion (1978-1980).  Part II: War and Withdrawal of the Soviet Forces (1980-1989).  Part III: Period after the Withrawal (1989-1991).  Abbreviations (p.767). Short Biographies (p. 771).  Table of Historical Events (p. 791).  Map of Afghanistan (p. 795). Photos (p.799). 

       Published in 1995, this collection of classified documents "at the Politburo level" represents Soviet-Afghan relations from 1978-1991.    The collection of documents is organized in three parts.  Part one:  "...covers events from 1978 to the end of January 1980 includes documents on the Soviet-Afghan relationship and on the invasion at the end of 1979."  Part two: "...includes measures and assessments taken and carried out during the war and ranges from spring 1980 to the Svoiet withdrawal in 1989."  Part three: "...shows very clearly how the USSR supported Afghanistan after having withdrawn its troops."  Each Soviet-Afghan document (scanned image) is introduced with translation in German.  The catalog of documents also contains the following:  list of abbreviations; short biographies of authors of the document with corresponding document numbers.  Scholars would find this collectioion of documents to be an invaluable guide to researching Soviet-Afghan relations. 


Otto, Ingeborg; Schmidt-Dumont, Marianne.  Die Beziehungen Afghanistans zur Sowjetunion.  Eine Auswahlbibliographie.  The Relationship between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.  A Selected Bibliography.  Language: German.  Hamburg: Deutsche Übersee-Dokumentation Referat Vorderer Orient, 1988.  Series: Dokumentationsdienst Moderner Orient.    Reihe A. 15.  ISSN: 03420434.  ISBN: 3922852246.   Index of authors, xi-xvii.  Holding institutions (key),  p. 87-90.

The entries in this bibliography  are organized numerically.  Each entry is accompanied by "Interne Titelnummer" and holding institution for each item.  This bibliography contains 511 entries on Soviet-Afghan relations.  The compilers have also included a institutional holdings key for the reseacher's benefit.  Researchers are encouraged to look at the system of transliteration, please see p. vii. 



The Digital National Security Archive's Afghanistan Collection [Full Title: Afghanistan: the making of U.S. policy, 1973-1990] contains  Note:  Afghanistan: the making of U.S. policy, 1973-1990 : guide and index .  Galster, Steven R. Alexandria, Va.: Chadwych-Healey, 1991.  The guide is available


Collections Guide:  Aghanistan: the making of U.S. policy, 1973-1990.  Note:  Researchers can search the digitized Afghanistan collection by using the following:  keyword, names/organizations, subject, title, classification, document type, participants, and date.  Access to the search interface can be found here. Researchers can export collection documents in PDF format [See sampl e document above]. 

The Digital National Security Archive descirbes this collection as:  "contemporary record of many of the political and military developments that caused an isolated, Third World country situated at the rugged cross-roads of Asia to become the battleground for the bloodiest and costliest superpower proxy war of the 1980s. The collection consists of 2,326 documents totaling approximately 15,000 pages. While the bulk of the documentation was produced between 1979 and 1988--the period of the Soviet military occupation of Afghanistan--the collection also encompasses events leading up to the 1979 Soviet invasion and includes the Soviet withdrawal during 1988-1989. Collectively, the documents cover most aspects of U.S. policy toward Afghanistan from 1973 to 1990."

Afghanistan - Pakistan Relations - Collections of Documents

Pak-Afghan discord: a historical perspective : documents, 1855-1979.  Ali, Mehrunnisa.  Karachi: Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi, 1990.  UIUC Call Number:  Main Stacks  327.54910581 P172. 

Selected documents on Pakistan's relations with Afghanistan, 1947-1985.  Dar, Saeeduddin Ahmad.  Islamabad, Pakistan: National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, 1986. 

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