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Multilingual Electronic Resources for Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies: Library PressDisplay

A guide to 13 databases with significant content in both English and the languages of the region

Newspapers by country

As of 2015, Library PressDisplay provides virtual, same-day copies of newspapers from Slavic, East European & Eurasian countries as follows:

  • Russia: 175
  • Hungary: 19
  • Romania: 6
  • Bulgaria: 5
  • Belarus: 29
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: 3
  • Czech Republic: 11
  • Poland: 14
  • Slovakia: 4
  • Estonia: 5
  • Lithuania: 6
  • Slovenia: 3
  • Croatia: 17
  • Macedonia: 1
  • Montenegro: 1
  • Serbia: 2
  • Kosovo: 1
  • Albania: 13
  • Armenia: 1
  • Azerbaijan: 2
  • Ukraine: 42
  • Tajikistan: 2

The specific newspapers available for each country can be viewed by hovering over "Select Title" at the top right-hand side of all Library Press Display pages or under the "Publication by Country" bar on the left-hand side.

Virtual newspapers from around the world

Library PressDisplay is a full-text, searchable, 60-day archive of 3000+ newspaper titles from over 100 countries in 60 languages. Search parameters in Library Press Display can be set at the top right tabs. Searching for chronologically specific periods, as well as choosing an Advanced Search option, can be done via the "Search" tab. The title tab allows selecting the title by country, language, or alphabetically. Finally, the last tab allows browising the interface in several major world (and especially European) languages.

  • Same-day online full-color replicas of print editions of newspapers
  • No retrospective coverage beyond a moving 60-day window

From the index page for Library PressDisplay's Hungarian newspapers

From the index page for Library PressDisplay's Hungarian newspapers


For researchers and scholars interested in current events, Library PressDisplay offers several attractive options, including full-text searching, blogging, and RSS feeds (for more on RSS feeds see Research Technologies at the UIUC Library). In our experience, the performance of the search interface can be uneven, but it can nevertheless be used to great advantage for most newspapers. The image below shows the first few results of a search for "абхазия" in all newspapers.

The following image shows one of several possible modes of display for the second search result:

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