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EU and Sustainability: Notable People

Notable People

Greta Thunberg - WikipediaGreta Thunberg: Greta is a Swedish environmental activist who gained recognition for her activism when she protested outside Swedish Parliament every school day for a week. Her actions inspired her peers, parents, and other environmental activists to join her in her protest. Today, Greta is an internationally known environmental activist who has spoken at climate change summits and protested around the world.

 Timeline of Greta's Activism


LUISA NEUBAUER - German American ConferenceLuisa-Maria Neubauer: Luisa is a German environmental activist and one of the organizers for Fridays For Future organization. She consistently advocates for Germany to create climate policies that surpass the goals stated in the Paris Agreement. She is currently part of the German Green Party and is part of its youth group in order to continue her activism. 

 Luisa Neubauer

 Luisa Neubauer's TED Talks


Amy and Ella Meek Young Ambassadors - EndplasticsoupElla and Amy Meek: Elia and Amy are two sisters from the UK, who advocate for the reduction of plastic pollution and waste. They founded the organization Kids Against Plastic to teach youth about environmental issues related to climate change and plastic pollution. They've partnered with businesses, festivals, and schools to spread their advocacy and to date they have picked up over 100,000 pieces of single-use plastic around their country. In 2020, they released a book titled Be Plastic Clever which discusses the negative impacts of plastic in the environment.

                              Kids against Plastic

                              Kids against Plastic TEDxExeter


Jane Goodall on fires, floods, frugality and the good fight: 'People have  to change from within' | Jane Goodall | The GuardianJane Goodall: Goodall is a renowned British primatologist and anthropologist, who is widely considered as one of the world's foremost experts on chimpanzees. She is a passionate conservationist and humanitarian, and has been a vocal advocate for animal welfare, environmental protection, and social justice throughout her career.

 Jane Goodall Institute

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet' Review: Ruin and Regrowth - The  New York TimesDavid Attenborough: Attenborough is a British naturalist and broadcaster who has dedicated much of his life to promoting environmentalism and conservation. He is best known for his nature documentaries, which have helped to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the natural world. Attenborough has also been an advocate for action on climate change and has used his platform to call for greater efforts to protect the planet and its biodiversity.

 David Attenborough receives the UN’s most distinguished environment award\


Bloom Association » Claire NouvianClaire Nouvian: Nouvian is a French environmentalist who is known for her work in ocean conservation. She founded the nonprofit organization, BLOOM Association, which works to protect the ocean and promote sustainable fishing practices. Nouvian has also produced several award-winning documentaries that highlight the beauty and fragility of the ocean, and she has been a vocal advocate for protecting marine ecosystems from overfishing, pollution, and other threats.

 BLOOM Association

 Environmental Hero: Claire Nouvian


Rossano Ercolini | FILFestRossano Ercolini: Ercolini is an Italian environmentalist and activist who is known for his work in promoting zero waste initiatives. He is the founder of the Zero Waste Research Center in Capannori, Italy, which has become a model for communities around the world looking to reduce their environmental impact. Ercolini has been an advocate for waste reduction and sustainable living, and has worked to raise awareness about the harmful effects of waste on the environment and public health.

 The Goldman Environmental Prize - Rossano Ercolini

                               The first European Zero Waste Research Center – Capannori, Italy