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CIC-AID Rural Development Research Project File, 1950-1968

CIC-AID Rural Development Research Project File, 1950-1968

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Room 146 Main Library, Prior Request Preferred


Room 146 Main Library, Prior Request Preferred


Room 146 Main Library, Prior Request Preferred


Room 146 Main Library, Prior Request Preferred


CIC-AID Rural Development Research Project File, including "Building Institutions to Serve Agriculture, a Summary Report..." published by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation & "AID-University Rural Development Contracts, 1951-66" & "AID-University Rural Development Contracts & U.S. Universities" by William Thompson, Earl Regnier, Harold Guither & Kathleen Propp (1968); AID & host country & institution publications; AID participant training program publications & proceedings of campus coordinators' conferences (1963-66); proceedings of conferences on international agricultural programs (1964-66); lists of contracts & participant directories; participant questionnaires & participant training evaluation study reports (1963-67); files inventories; rural development contracts between the AID & universities; project descriptive historical publications; pre-contract survey; end-of-tour, consultant, executive visit, progress, annual & final project reports; expenditure summaries; training proposals; participant biographical data, tables & lists & related studies & correspondence. The project covered 68 rural development contracts in 39 countries undertaken by 35 land grant universities. Contracts included overseas advisory service to host institutions by American university staff members, study in the U.S. by host institution staff (participant training) & commodity assistance to the host institution. Among nations assisted were Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somali, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Cambodia, Ceylon, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan & Turkey. The series includes research files of Technical Assistance Study Group (TASG) of the Agency for International Development.


Contents Information

Box 1:

  • University of Illinois
    • Jordan
  • "Development of Agricultural Services in Jordan", 1964

Box 9:

  • Montana State University
    • Jordan and Paraguay
      • Personnel (U.S.) Tables, 1954-1956, 1967
  • Montana State College
    • Jordan
      • Contracts and Amendments, 1954-1955
      • Correspondence Termination of contract, 1954-1957
      • Personnel (U.S.) Biographical data, 1930-1934, 1948-1955
      • Reports Progress Evaluation (periodic), 1954-1957 

Box 15:

  • University of Illinois
    • Jordan (AID/nesa-64)
      • Contract, 1963
      • Executive Visits, 1965
      • Participants biographical data, 1964 report on training, 1965
      • Personnel (U.S.) Biographical data, 1963-64
      • Reports - end-of-tour, 1965
      • Final (January, 1964 - February, 1966)
      • Pre-contract survey, 1962
      • Semi-annual (& other progress), 1964-65

Box 25: 

  • University of Illinois
    • Personnel (India, Jordan, Sierra Leone) 1965-67