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Jack R. & Harry V. Harlan Papers, 1905-85

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Room 146 Main Library 19

Papers of Jack R. Harlan (1917-1998), Professor of Agronomy & Plant Genetics (1966-84), member of Crop Evolution Laboratory staff (1967-84) & USDA Near Eastern expeditions (1948, 1960), & Professor of Agronomy, Okla. State Univ. (1950-66), including Harlan's Grasslands of Oklahoma (ca. 1957, unpubl.) & dissertation "A Survey of the Genetic Variability in the Bromus carinatus Complex" (1942); collection lists, field notes & photographs from 1948 expedition to Turkey, Syria, Iraq, & Lebanon, 1960-61 expedition to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, & Ethiopia, & 1967-72 expeditions to Africa, India, Australia, & the Philippines. The series includes genetics research correspondence about barley, corn, rice, & sorghum, recommendations for employment & awards, identifications of samples, responses to inquiries from anthropologists, correspondence with botanists & agronomists about the origin, evolution & dissemination of sorghum, wheat, barley, maize, & sesame; classification & numbering of collection, conservation of genetic materials, international cooperation, disease resistance, origins of Southwest Asian agriculture & USDA quarantine policies. Correspondents include George Beadle, Otto Frankel (Div. of Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia), J.B. Hawkes (Univ. of Birmingham), C.A. Reed (Univ. of IL-Chicago), Daniel Zohary (Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem) & Leon Croizat (Caracas, Venezuela). The series includes correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, & publications of Harry V. Harlan, USDA Agronomist (1909-44), relating to barley, crop exploration, & production & travel in the Philippines (1906-09); Peru (1913-14); Eastern Europe (1919); Algeria, India, & Ethiopia (1923); Necholai I. Vavilov & research stations in AZ & ID. This series also includes a VHS videotape copy of a film showing the construction of the addition (1977) to the Physics Research Laboratory.

Contents Information

Box 3: 

  • Correspondence, Algeria, February 16-April 24, 1923
    • Barley studies, letters and diary

Box 5:

  • Photographs
    • Algeria, 1923

Box 13: 

  • "A Caravan Journey through Abyssinia," The National Geographic Magazine, June 1925
    • Glass slides--Box A

                         1.   map of Northern Africa--Algeria

                         22. Algerian boy

                         24. 3 Algerian boys

                         25. 3 Algerian girls

                         26. 3 Algerian women

                         27. Algerian woman in elaborate dress

                         28. Algerian woman eating date