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Scandinavian Studies Guide: Home


This guide provides research assistance and recommended resources for Scandinavian Studies from a variety of perspectives, including culture, language, political science, history, and more.  Use the home page for general guidance on navigating the library and identifying other useful resources at the university.  The subject tabs across the top will help you narrow down your interests and get started on a more specific topic.  Please contact the library with any questions!

Finding Books

You can use either the Easy Search box on the Library home page or the Library Catalog to locate books of interest.  One easy way to retrieve a book on a particular topic is through a subject search.  Take the following steps to do so:


1. Visit the Library Catalog

2. Click the Advanced Search button

3. In the first drop-down menu (under "Search filters"), select "Subject."  Then, type the topic you are looking for into the subject box.

4. Click Search.  Scroll down to see the list of results.


You may need to adjust your search terms if you aren't finding what you are looking for.  If you get too many results to look through, you can use the other options in the Advanced Search window to limit your search (e.g., by saying you only want books published after a certain year).

Other tabs in this guide will provide examples of search terms you can start with.  If you are having trouble, please reach out to the library for assistance.

Scandinavian Studies at UIUC

Scandinavian Studies Libraries

The Library collections and resources for Scandinavian Studies are spread across many departmental libraries.  The bulk of the printed books are in the Literatures and Languages Library and the Main Stacks, both on the second floor of the Main Library. The primary libraries for Scandinavian studies are:

National Libraries & Archives

Subject Guide

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