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Scandinavian Studies Guide: Film

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Nordisk Film Production
A Nordic production company involved in feature films, animated films, short features, television series and documentaries for the Scandinavian and international markets.

DOGMA 95 Manifesto
From P.O.V filmtidsskrift, a Danish journal of film studies. The Dogma 95 movement has had an extremely influential impact on modern Scandinavian cinema. While the manifesto has had an international impact on film, most Dogma films still originate from Scandinavia.

Film Think Tank
A forum for European film policy, covering subjects ranging from technical issues of production to funding models and policy initiatives. The group publishes and commissions a number of papers on the Scandinavian film industry, which are available from their website.

Database of TV companies and TV channels in the European Union and candidate countries published by the European Audiovisual Observatory. Contains broadcast information on Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

The Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research contains a searchable database of publications on national media sectors of the Nordic countries, with a number of texts available free in full-text format. Navigate through the "Publications" tab or "Search." Also useful is the Nordic Media Policy newsletter listed under the "Media Trends" tab, which provides an excellent starting point for investigating copyright issues, media funding, and cooperative efforts between the Nordic countries.

Prominent Scandinavian Film Directors:

External links:
Danish Film Directors
Finnish Film Directors
Icelandic Film Directors
Norwegian Film Directors

Swedish Film Directors

Sami Film (a short bibliography of films are listed under the "See Also" section on the Sami people Wikipedia page)


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Danish Film Institute
The Danish Film Institute is the national agency responsible for supporting and encouraging film and cinema culture and for conserving these in the national interest. The Institute's operations extend from participation in the development and production of feature films, short and documentary films, over distribution and marketing, to managing the national film archive and the cinematheque.

Zentropa is a Danish production company founded by Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk Jensen, and is now closely associated with Nordisk Film. Though its main focus is on an international audience, they are also involved in Scandinavian, European, and American co-productions.

Greenhouse Film Company
A Danish production company (in Danish). Contains contact information for individuals in the Danish film industry.


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Film in Iceland
Film in Iceland is a product of the Icelandic Film Commission, which seeks to promote Iceland as a filming destination for the international community. The site provides information on filming in Iceland.

Icelandic Film Centre
The Icelandic Film Centre supports production, distribution and promotion of Icelandic films, gathers information about Icelandic films and publishes it, advances film culture in Iceland and encourages stronger links between Icelandic filmmakers and the international film community.


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Norwegian Film Institute
The objective of the Norwegian Film Institute is to preserve, support and distribute Norwegian and foreign films, so that film as an expression of art and culture becomes more visible. The collection, preservation and restoration of old and new Norwegian films is the Archive's primary responsibility. The Archive works with Norwegian film of all sizes and formats, in addition to documents, photos, literature and technical equipment. The Norwegian Film Institute is also the reception center for copies of all new films and videos made in Norway. The Archive has a Documentation Service which maintains archives of film stills, posters and documents, as well as a professional library of film literature. The library is open to the general public.

Maipo Film
Maipo Film is one of the leading production companies in the Norwegian film industry.

Finding Films

Finding Scandinavian Films at the UIUC Library
The Undergraduate Library Media Collection has films in many different Scandinavian languages, including Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.

To find them,  use the following search strategies.

1. Use the library catalog's Classic Search and search by subject. To locate Scandinavian films, search for <Motion Pictures, X> as subject, replacing X with the desired language, e.g., Motion Pictures, Danish.

2. Use the library catalog's  VuFind Advanced Search Search for the particular country or language as a keyword (e.g. Norway). In the language box, select the language of the film you are interested in (for instance, Norwegian). This will narrow your search results to only items in Norwegian. Then click the box above "film/video" to narrow your search to films.

Example subject search:

Motion pictures --Swedish

Motion pictures --Swedish --History --20th century.

Motion pictures --Social aspects --Danish.

Motion pictures --Political aspects --Norwegian.

Here are direct links into the library catalog for Scandinavian films:

Swedish films

Norwegian films

Danish films

Icelandic films


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Swedish Film Institute
Founded in 1963, the Swedish Film Institute plays a leading role in Swedish cinema. Its aims include the promotion, support and development of film in its cultural and broader contexts, the allocation of grants for the production, distribution and public showing of Swedish films at home, and the promotion for Swedish cinema at international level. The Institute is also extensively involved in the preservation and promotion of Sweden's cinematic heritage.


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Finnish Film Foundation
The Finnish Film Foundation's task is to support and develop Finnish film production, distribution and exhibition. The site includes links to upcoming releases, news, and festivals, as well as distributors and exhibitors.

Solar Films Inc.
One of Finland's leading production companies, involved in feature films and television.

Hollywood Remakes in the Undergrad Media Collection

Nolan, Christopher. 2002.
DVD PN1997.2 .I57666 2002
ISBN: 0790771977

Let Me In
Reeves, Matt. 2010.
DVD PN1997.2 .L48645 2011

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Fincher, David. 2011.
DVD PN1997.2.G57 2012

Bornedal, Ole. 1998.
DVD PN1997 .N544893 2000
: 1558908919

Kormákur, Baltasar. 2012.
DVD PN1997.2.P74C66 2012

New Scandinavian Film in the Undergrad Media Collection

Bier, Susanne. Denmark. 2004.
DVD PN1997.2 .B73988 2005
ISBN: 1417065788

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Oplev, Niels Arden. Denmark/Sweden. 2009.
DVD PN1997.2 .G527595 2010
ISBN: 705105743950

Tyldum, Morten. Norway. 2011.
DVD PN1995.9.T52 H433 2012
ISBN: 876964004770

Skjoldbjaerg, Erik. Norway. 1997.
DVD PN1997 .I57666 1999
ISBN: 0780022203

Let the Right One In
Alfredson, Tomas. Sweden. 2008.
DVD PN1997.2 .L48844 2009
ISBN: 876964001731

Bornedal, Ole. Denmark. 1994.
DVD PN1995.9.H6 N588 2001

Moodysson, Lukas. Sweden. 2000.
DVD PN1997 .T55573 2004

ISBN: 0792859669

Zero Kelvin
Moland, Hans Petter. Norway. 1995.
DVD PN1995.9.A3 Z47 2001
ISBN: 738329021023