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Scandinavian Studies Guide: Film

Finding Films at UIUC

The Undergraduate Library Media Collection has films in many different Scandinavian languages, including Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.

To find them,  use the following search strategies.

1. Use the library catalog's Advanced Search and search by subject. To locate Scandinavian films, search for Motion Pictures, X as subject, replacing X with the desired language, e.g., Motion Pictures, Danish.

2. Search for the particular country or language as a keyword (e.g., Norway). In the language box, select the language of the film you are interested in (for instance, Norwegian). This will narrow your search results to only items in Norwegian. Then, use the "Material Type" drop-down menu to select Video/Film.

Example subject searches:

  • Motion pictures -- Swedish
  • Motion pictures --Swedish --History --20th century
  • Motion pictures --Social aspects --Danish
  • Motion pictures --Political aspects --Norwegian

Explore the rest of this page for examples of relevant films held by the library.

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