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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Library Guide for Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) Staff: Your Institutional Repositories

Guide to library resources and services for staff of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.


The University of Illinois' institutional repositories provide persistent and reliable access to your research output. Why should you use IDEALS? Here's what the University Library says:

  1. Dissemination: IDEALS provides high visibility and increased access to your research. The descriptive information about your deposited works will be made available to Google, Google Scholar, and other services. 
  2. Increased Impact and Citation of Your Research: Some studies have shown that research and scholarship openly available on the web have increased impact and higher citations than research and scholarship that is not. See for a bibliography of studies on the impact of open access.
  3. Persistence: IDEALS provides persistent, permanent URLs to your digital research.
  4. Full text searching: In many cases IDEALS provides full text searching of your research.
  5. Preservation: IDEALS makes a commitment to preserve your digital content for long term access and use.
  6. Control: When you deposit into IDEALS, you retain your copyright. Even if the work has already been published many publishers will allow you to deposit your work into institutional repositories.
  7. Download Statistics: We offer download statistics for each item. We weed out web crawlers, mass downloaders, and other bots as much as is possible, so that these downloads reflect 'real' downloads.

These are benefits to you as an individual scholar. In addition, IDEALS provides the University of Illinois with the infrastructure to collect, preserve, and manage access to this important part of the University's scholarly record, thus continuing the long term tradition of libraries and archives.

In addition, many federal agencies are now requiring that research funded by federal grants be made available through open access. Depositing your works in IDEALS ensures that you meet these requirements. For more information about using IDEALS, contact Laura Barnes.


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