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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anime and Manga: Romance & Young Adult

This is an introductory guide to the anime and manga resources at the library.

Spotlight - Inio Asano

Spotlight - Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer

This video is for those who speak Japanese fluently because the English subtitle is unfortunately not available and the auto-translation doesn't seem to work well. If you have taken or are taking above advanced Japanese courses, you can challenge yourselves to this video. It will give you why Urusei Yatura 2 Beautiful Dreamer is a masterpiece by Mamoru Oshii and all the interesting backstories. This youtube channel also discuss other things of Japanese "sub-cultures." If you liked this video, you'll probably like other ones!  

漫画 / Manga

About This Page

This page introduces you to mangas and animes in Romance & Young Adult (Seinen). College students are the targets of the genres, and so you should read and watch them!