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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Digitization Services

Project Meeting and Project Plan

Project Meeting

  • Once a project is proposed, the Digital Collections Project Manager will invite stakeholders and members of the team will attend the project meeting to plan the project to ensure that all parties understand the scope and how we will proceed. During the meeting, members will have the opportunity to learn about the materials, determine the volume, metadata/cataloging needs, conservation concerns, targeted repository for access and preservation, digitization methods, funding and resources needed.

Project Plan

  • Following that meeting, the Digital Collections Project Manager will follow up with stakeholders and the team to share outcomes and possible project plans.
  • This will define the scope, timeline, specifications for digitization, care and handling, conservation treatment needs, metadata plan, repository designation, and resources/funding needs.
  • Once this document is finished, it will be added to Medusa Project Database as a guiding document for all stakeholders. 
  • An example might look like this.