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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Digitization Services

Scope and Content Examples

Libraries and stakeholder will identify advance of the project meeting what material are proposed for digitization.  This includes determining the volume of individual items from a collection that will be digitized, the size and format, concerns about care and handling during digitization.  Stakeholders and libraries should review the file naming convention best practices and gather bibliographic metadata about the items and collection proposed for digitization. 

Stakeholders and libraries should select representative samples of material proposed for digitization.  These should be representative of the overall physical condition of the collection.  Please bring items/images demonstrating both the minimum and maximum sizes (as currently known) for the collection, as well as exemplars of the typical material for the items to be digitized. This will enable more accurate estimates of the timeline and cost of the project. Sharing any existing inventory, descriptive metadata or spreadsheets in advance is helpful.