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Bolivia: History

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Bolivia, 1825-1930: Un siglo de impresos politicos


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Title: Bolivia, 1825-1930: Un siglo de impresos politicos
Author: Irurozqui, Marta
Published: Madrid: Fundacion Historica Tavera, 1997
UIUC Call Number: 016.984 Ir7b
Location: Oak Street Facility

In this bibliographic text, there are 1082 items of pamphlets, books, and printed political material published in Bolivia during 1825 and 1930. In the introduction, the author briefly discusses the history of Bolivian bibliographies and some of the well-known writers such as Gabriel Rene-Moreno, Jose Rosendo Gutierrez, and Augusto Costa de la Torre. The introduction also mentions briefly the contents within the bibliography as well as the origins of political writings in Bolivia. The Bibliography is arranged in alphabetical order by authors, title, place of publication, publishing company, year of publication, and number of pages. According to the author, materials published in 1828-1879 represent a period of military rulers, while materials published in 1880-1930 represent a generation of political parties. The book ends with an index of authors and writers cited, geographic index of locations where the items were published, chronological index by year, a thematic index of subjects covered in the catalogued items.   

Archivo Boliviano: Collecion de Documentos Relativos a la Historia de Bolivia (Durante la Epoca Colonial Con un Catalogo de Obras Impresas y de Manuscritos, que Tratan de esa Parte de la America Meridional) Tomo 1

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Title: Archivo Boliviano: Coleccion de Documentos Relativos a la Historia de Bolivia (Durante la Epoca Colonial Con un Catalogo de Obras Impresas y de Manuscritos, que Tratan de esa Parte de la America Meridional) Tomo 1
Author: Vicente de Ballivian y Roxas.
Published: Bolivia, Casa Municipal de la Cultura Franz Tamayo, 1977.
UIUC Call Number: 984 B21A1977
Location: Main Stacks             

This guide is dedicated to the historical and bibliographical research, in particular collection of documents relative to the the history of Bolivia during the colonial period of the 17th & 18th century. The book begins with a prologue to the second edition of this work written by Arturo Costa de la Torre who writes about the history and biography of Vicente Ballivian and Roxas. Next is the prologue to the first edition of this catalog that evokes the history of Bolivia and a short description of the catalog. There is a lengthy diary in Spanish by Brigadier Don Sebastian de Segurola that was written during 1781-82 in which he recounts the events leading to the rebellion in the city of La Paz led by Tupac-Amaru. Here you will find letters, documents, and personal accounts by Segurola. This chapter is followed by a short biography about Segurola. The next chapter contains the annals of the Imperial Ville of Potosi by Don Bartolome Martinez and Vela. In this chapter, you will read about the foundation of the Imperial Ville of Potosi in 1702 in chronological order beginning with the discovery of the New World by European travelers. This section is a copy from a manuscript of 239 pages that belonged to Don Josef Maria Cabrera which was copied in Paris. The history told in this section focuses on the invasion of the ville and its inhabitants by the Spaniards in consequence to the discovery of silver. Afterwards, a note by the editor briefly shows the gradual rise of wealth from the silver mining industry within 1545 to 1846 which is divided into 5 periods.

The main catalog is divided into 2 parts: Catalog of Manuscripts and Catalog of Printed Works. The first section is comprised of works during the the reign of of the Viceroyalty of Lima and finally the reign of the Viceroyalty of Buenos-Aires over Bolivia, which was was known as Upper Peru. It is important to note that most of the items are located in different institutions which is indicated by the following abbreviations: the General Archives of the Indies of Seville (A.I.); the Academy of History of Madrid (A.H.); the Don Benito de la Mata Linares Collection (Col. Mat.); and finally the British Museum (M.B.). The items are in order by subjects such as name of region in Bolivia, Viceroyalty, and important figures such as Tupac-Amaru (Jose Gabriel). Under each subject, there is a list of items in chronological order by year which includes a brief description of the item, format description, indication of number addition or edition, and where the items are currently located. The catalog of printed works is arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s name followed by a brief description of one or many published works by the author, including volume, edition, place of publication, and year. At the end of the book you will find a Table of Contents.