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Hazmat Resources: ATSDR


The Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents (MHMI) series is produced by the Agency of Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR). The MHMI series is designed to provide emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and hospital emergency departments (EDs) with the necessary guidance to plan for and improve their ability to respond to incidents involving human exposure to hazardous materials.

In addition to self-protection, the MHMI series informs emergency personnel how to appropriate, decontaminate, treat, and recommend follow-up care to exposed persons.

Training Video

A training vidieo entitled "Community Challenge: Hazardous Materials Response and the Emergency Medical System" is available for Volumes I & II. It is not currently available on the MHMI web site, but may be obtained by healthcare professionals in CD-ROM format by contacting ATSDR.

MHMI Series Guidelines

The MHMI series is a 3 volume set of planning guides created to help first responders and emergency medical personnel plan for and respond to hazardous material emergencies. All three volumes are available as PDF downloads.

Volume I: Emergency Medical Services & Volume II: Hospital Emergency Departments

Volumes I and II contains nearly identical section headings and appendices titles, but the content of each volume relates specifically to EMS first responders and hospital emergency departments. Relevant sections include

  • "Systems Approach to Planning"
  • "Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents" 
  • "Patient Management"

Each volume also features appendices for haz mat classification systems, respiratory protection, and protection levels.

Volume I: Emergency Medical Services, available in PDF

Volume II: Hospital Emergency Departments, available in PDF

Volume III: Medical Management Guidelines (MMGs) for Acute Chemical Exposures

Volume III is designed for health care professionals who treat persons who have been exposed to hazardous materials. This volume includes a list of chemical protocols organized alphabetically and appendices containing

  • regional Poison Control Center information
  • Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics contact instructions
  • state health department information
  • consultation resources and a glossary.

Volume III: Medical Management Guidelines (MMGs), available in PDF

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