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Hazmat Resources: PHMSA Emergency Response Guidebook

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In addition to the most recent ERG, the main page also provides links to a series of related ERG materials.

About PHMSA Emergency Response Guide (ERG)

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) is developed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Transport Canada, and the Secretariat of the Communications and Transportation of mesico (SCT). The ERG is intended to be used by firefighters, police, and other emergency services personnel who may be the first to arrive at the scene ofa transportation incident involving hazardous material.

It is primarily a guide to aid first responders in

  • quickly identifying the specific or generic classification of the material(s) involved in an incident, and
  • protecting themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of the incident

ERG is updated every four years to accommodate new products and technology.

ERG Download

The 2016 ERG and its Spanish-language version are available for download as PDFs

2016 ERG

2016 ERG (Spanish)

These documents may require Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar document reader software. You can download a free Adobe viewer here.

For an official bound copy of the 2012 ERG, please consult the commercial supplier list to locate and contact the supplier nearest you.

Contact Information

For more information or questions about the ERG, please contact the Hazardous Materials Information Center.

Mailing Address

Mr. Charles E. Betts
Director, Standards and Rulemaking Division
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE East Building, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20590



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