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Hazmat Resources: CAMEO

Download Desktop Application

Like its online counterpart, the CAMEO desktop application provides the same access to response datasheets and the reactivity prediction tool without the reliance on an Internet connection.

More information about the desktop application, its installation and instructions can be found through the link below.

Reactivity Prediction

The reactivity prediction mechanism predicts the reactivity between all possible pairs of substances selected from the database. Clearly located links explain chemical reactivity, how it is predicted, and how to interpret the comptability chart results.

Important Note: When there are three or more substances in the mix, they may react together in ways that CAMEO Chemicals' pair-wise reactions can't predict. Please consult the Reactivity page for more information.


CAMEO Chemicals is produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and designed for people who are involved in hazardous material incident response and planning. Available as either a website or downloadable desktop application, this tool is part of the larger CAMEO software suite.

CAMEO Chemicals features a searchable library and database with thousands of datasheets containing response-related information and recommendatons for hazardous materials that are commonly transported, used, or stored in the United States. A reactivity prediction tool, which you can use to predict potential reactive hazards between chemicals, is also part of the CAMEO Chemical bundle.

Chemical Database and Datasheets

Users can search the database by chemical name, CAS number or UN/NA number. To search by specific text and numeric fields and/or search on multiple criteria, users can apply the advanced search field. In each search section (Simple, Advanced), a clearly visible link provides instructions for how to most effectively use the particular search section and fields.


Chemical datasheets provide chemical identifiers, hazards, response recommendations, physical properties, regulatory information, and alternate chemical names for each specific substance. Drop down links (such as the one above) under each subsection title explain the subsection's purpose and includes links to other chemical data sources.

Related CAMEO Software

CAMEO provides a hazardous material software suite of 4 core programs (CAMEOfm, CAMEO Chemicals, ALOHA, and MARPLOT) that can be used separately or together with seamless interaction.

For more infromation about the core programs, related software, and CAMEO, please consult the CAMEO software suite webpage.