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Georgian Language

Georgian Cinema

Georgian National Filmography Database: "Georgian film since beginning up to today."

The Georgian National Filomography Database provides detailed fimography information for Georgian filmmakers from the last 100 years.  Each entry for film title is accompanied by a brief synopis, descriptioin of cast and production crews, movie poster mage, and in some cases, a clip from the film.  Furthermore, the compilers have hyperlinked name entries, which provides additional information for filmmakers, actors, actresses, etc.  Numerous video clips [some segments are longer than 20 minutes] from the Soviet period to the present are available.  Take advantage of the dual language set up for this site. 

Database entry for Data Tutashkhia

Didostatis Marjvena (1970)

Didostatis Marjvena (premiered in 1970):

Synopsis from the National Filmography Database: The 11th century. King Giorgi the First has to fight on the two fronts at the same time – disgruntled feudal barons within the country and the Byzantine army without. The king, thoughtful, rich and strong, falls in love with Shorena, daughter of the restive feudal Kolonkelidze. The King orders to poison Shorena’s groom Chiaber Eristavi thereby getting rid of the strong political rival. He orders architect Arsakidze to construct the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral The Catholikos anathematizes the King and sends Shorena to the monastery.

Pirveli mertskhali (1975) = "First Swallow"

Pirveli mertskhali (1975)

Synopsis from the National Filmography Database: Jason and his friends crave for starting the first real football team n Georgia and after years of training they succeed. Their first match with the Turkish sailors’ team brings them victory followed by the devastated fiasco with the English team. Despite their reputation as a bunch of losers in their native town, they continue to work hard for achieving their goal.

History of Georgian Film

The National Archives of Georgia  has started a project to document the history of Georgian film. Story of One Film includes interviews with Georgian filmmakers and is great way to learn more about this subject and listen to native Georgian speakers.