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Georgian Language

Georgian Public Broadcasting

Georgian Public Broadcasting Logo

Georgian Public Broadcasting  owns two of the most popular TV channels in Georgia, First Channel and Second Channel. They're website provides access to videos from some of they're most popular programs including news programs. The media network also includes access to news articles, streaming music, and radio programs on their site. 


Biographical Dictionary of Georgia

The Biographical Dictionary of Georgia covers biographies of people who belong to history of Georgia, who are linked with Georgia, lived in or beyond it. Supported by the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, this database provides short biographies with bibliographies for over 13,000 prominent Georgian cultural and historical figures.


Traditional Georgian Music

International Research Center For Traditional Polyphony promotes practical and scientific knowledge on Georgian polyphony on international arena. The Center also locates and publishes old recordings of Georgian traditional music. 

The Center, which is part of the Tbilisi State Conservatory, provides access to free bilingual resources about traditional Georgian music, including both folk and sacred musical forms. They also provide access to publications on this topic through their symposium proceedings and semi-annual bulletin.