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Resources for the Study of the Macedonian Language: Dictionaries and Grammar

Supporting materials for students in their first year of studying Macedonian

Online Dictionaries

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 Macedonian Audio Lessons


Vocabulary Building

The links listed below are suggested by the compilers at the Macedonian Language E-Learning Center.  The first is an online game that mimics the program "Who wants to be a millionaire".  The other three are various exercises that have been produced by the learning center.


Viktor Friedman's Advanced Macedonian Reference Grammar is available in full text at .  This work includes a brief but very useful history of the Macedonian language that provides a clear picture of the development of the language in the region.

Miscellaneous Resources

There is a wealth of information at this website: review lessons, audio-casts, and a great deal more material for anyone studying Macedonian


Macedonian Language Tree

Dryer, Matthew S. 2005. Genealogical Language List. In Bernard Comrie, Matthew S. Dryer, David Gil & Martin Haspelmath (eds.), The World Atlas of Language Structures, 596-8. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0199255911

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