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Russian Language: Popular Literature & Newspapers

Pravda - Culture

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Historic Newspapers

The National Library of Russia offers a searchable database of newspapers from 1703-1917.

The State Public Historical Library of Russia offers descriptions and scans of Russian newspapers and periodicals that span from the mid 1800s through mid 1900s.

Library PressDisplay

Library PressDisplay is an interactive database with access to recent issues of newspapers from all over the world. Issues are available from the last 90 days. The database is fully searchable across all newspapers, and within a specific one, as well.

There are 84 Russian Newspaper titles to choose from, available in both Russian and English. Some of the titles include:

  • Argumenty i Fakty
  • Express Gazeta
  • The Moscow News
  • The Moscow Times

Other News Sources

In this Russian language news website, NewsRu, you can find current news about Russia and the world, in topics ranging from religion, to economics, sports, and culture.

This Russian Press website, gives you article summaries in English, with the option to read the full article either in English or in Russian.

Russia has many online newspapers, which can be accessed via this website.  They include newspapers from Perm, Novosibirsk, Tver, and St. Petersberg, to name a few.

Russian Reporter is a current affairs magazine which covers a variety of topics such as culture, science, and sport, as well as including a section on photos.

Classic Literary Works and Figures

  Most of the classics of Russian literature are available in both Russian and English online and there are numerous access points.  For access to the English translations see Google Books.  As it is for so many things, this is an excellent site for identifying texts of a particular author.  You can also find many of the original texts in Russian here.  Searching "Dostoevskii" in English or Russian will bring up many of the author's works.

Another excellent site, this one produced by the Russians, can be viewed at Lib.Ru.  This site has everything from current prose and poetry to medieval literature all in Russian.  There are links to translated works as well.

If you are really ambitious and want to see the complete works of Pushkin or Tolstoy, take a look at FebWeb.Ru.  This is a pretty tricky site to use but it is very rich and includes the full text of the Literaturnaia Entsiklopediia.    There are any number of other sources including critical essays on literary figures and much more.

The most famous of the Russian authors have an enormous amount of electronic material available.  The Чеховский Центр is an example of such a site. Chekhov's complete works along with critical literature, images, links to theaters and much more is available here along with an excellent array of links.  It is typical of the web portals that have been constructed for many of the Russian authors. FebWeb can be used to identify these portals as they have links to major websites from their pages.

 For English language translations online there is, of course, Google Books.  However, access to the authors and their works is much easier at Russian Literature - The Online Books Page.  This is really a spin off of ProjectGutenberg but it has a very nice arrangement which can be seen on this page.

Kulture.RU offers many fantastic articles on Russian literature. As well as many audiobooks in Russian of classic literature. Including books at the fifth grade level, the eighth grade level, and most of Tolstoy's works


Science Fiction & Fantasy

The famous series of books by Sergei Luk'ianenko (Сергей Лукьяненко), the Watch series:

"The Night Watch" - book 1

"Day Watch" - book 2

"The Twilight Watch" - book 3

"The Last Watch" - book 4

The books as well as the movies (of the first two books) are held in libraries nationwide, and can be searched by "Title" words; if the search does not return any results, try combining the words so you are searching for "Nightwatch," "Daywatch," etc.

 The first two books in the series have been made into movies by the same title, directed by Timur Bekmambetov, and can be rented from the library and watched with or without English subtitles. 


You can search the your library's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) or WorldCat by subject for similar books by using these descriptors or subject terms:

Witches - Fiction

Vampires - Fiction

Good and evil - Fiction

Science fiction, Russian

Fantasy fiction, Russian

Epic fiction, Russian

Russian fiction - 20th century - Translations into English

Moscow (Russia) - Fiction

Russia - Fiction is an internet book magazine.  Its "bestseller list" is regularly featured in some of the book trade magazines such as "Knizhnoe Obozrenie".  Here is a sample article from the magazine on books in Russia.  Сначала сварите яйцо вкрутую