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Czech Language

Watching Czech Television

Two of the most popular television stations in the Czech Republic include VOYO and iPrima.  To watch some of their programming, search through their video archives:

It is important to note that not all TV programs broadcasted were originally filmed in the Czech Republic. Many of the programs are dubbed in Czech. 

Radio Stations

Interested in listening to Czech radio?  Try the following links -

František Kocourek, photo: archive of Czech Radio

Also, check out Radio Praha's brief history of Czech radio to explore the many ways radio has had a lasting impact on the history and culture of the Czech Republic. 

Radio Free Europe

The headquarters of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has been located in Prague since 1995. Although they no longer broadcast to the Czech Republic, they continue to provide news and information to countries "where the free flow of information is either banned by government authorities or not fully developed." 

The Hoover Institution Library & Archives currently has over 100,000 sound recordings as part of the their Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty archival collection. A small portion of these have been digitized and made available online for users to access, including recordings from their Czechoslovak Broadcasting Department.