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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Literature Reviews in Health Sciences

Overview of types of literature reviews

Protocol Registries

Protocol - Eligibility Criteria

Consider study parameters:

  • inclusive years
  • language(s)
  • publication/study types

Inclusion Criteria - elements must be included in the publication in order to be considered for the literature review

  • specific comparisons such as treatment or diagnostics
  • experimental, observational, both
  • publication type (RCT, etc.)
  • population characteristics (older adults, women, etc.)

Exclusion Criteria - elements that would disqualify the publication for the literature review

  • qualitative instead of quantitative methodology
  • study design (case study)
  • publication type (letter, review article)
  • non-English




Writing a Protocol

Elements of a protocol

  • Background literature
  • Review  Question
  • Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
  • Types of studies (population, intervention(s)/exposure(s), outcomes of interest
  • Search strategy
  • Study selection
  • Methods assessment
  • Data synthesis
  • Timeframe

Systematic Reviews

Scoping Reviews