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European Union and European Studies: Data & Statistics

This guide provides an introduction to the UIUC Library's collections and services for EU and European Studies

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UiUC Library's Research Data Services

RSD can help you locate relevant data sets in opinion polls, election studies, social surveys, census, education, and health data and prepare them for analysis in SPSS, SAS, STATA and ArcGIS.

UIUC Library Government Information's Guide to Finding Statistics in Government Resources

EU Think Tanks

European Statistical Agencies

  • Austria: Statistik Austria/Austria Statistics (
  • Belgium: Statistics Belgium
  • Bulgaria: Republic of Bulgaria National Statistical Institute
  • Czech Republic Czech Statistical Service
  • Denmark:  Statistics Denmark
  • Finland:  Statistics Finland
  • France:  INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies)
  • Germany: STATIS (Federal Statistical Office Germany):
  • Greece: Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT)
  • Hungary: HCSO (Hungarian Central Statistical Office)
  • Iceland: Statistics Iceland
  • Italy: ISTAT (Istituto Nazionale di Statistica)
  • Ireland: CSO (Central Statistics Office Ireland)
  • Luxembourg: STATEC
  • Malta: National Statistics Office
  • Netherlands: Statistics Netherlands
  • Norway: Statistist Sentralbyra/Statistics Norway
  • Poland: Central Statistical Office (Also consult the Polish language version of this website)
  • Portugal: INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatistica)
  • Romania: Romanian Statistical Yearbook (National Institute of Statistics)
  • Slovakia: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
  • SloveniaStatistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Spain: INE (National Statistics Institute)
  • Sweden: Statistiska Centralbyran/Statistics Sweden
  • Switzerland BFS (Bundesamt fur Statistiks Swiss Federal Statistical Office)
  • Turkey: TURKSTAT (Turkish Statistical Institute)
  • United Kingdom: National Statistics

General Statistics

For statistics on particular countries, check out the resources under Country Studies.

  • Eurobarometer
    The Standard Eurobarometer was established in 1974. Each survey consists of approximately 1000 face-to-face interviews per country. Reports are published twice yearly. Reproduction is authorised, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.
  • EUR-Lex
  • EUROSTAT: Statistical Office of the European Communities 
    Socioeconomic, demography, environment and trade statistics for the European Union and the euro-zone. RAMON is Eurostat’s classification server, “exclusively dedicated to international statistical classifications and their satellite information… The ultimate and very ambitious goal of the RAMON project is to present ALL available information on statistical international classifications; this means making available, for each classification identified in the database, all necessary material to know everything about that particular classification” (from the site Preface). From the glossary perspective, the site’s Glossaries and Thesauri page may be a useful starting point for getting a handle on international statistical classifications. .
  • European Central Bank Statistics
    Statistics focusing on euro area countries (EU member states that have adopted the euro as their official currency) and designed to support the monetary policy of the ECB and other tasks of the Eurosystem and the European System of Central Banks. Online publications include a monthly bulletin and statistics pocket book.
  • The European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO)
    A project of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, EIRO is a monitoring instrument providing news and analysis on European industrial relations. The site’s aim is to collect analyze, and disseminate high-quality and up-to-date-information on key developments in all labor matters in Europe at the national and European levels of institutions and organizations.
  • European Values Study
    A cross-national study repeated occasionally from 1981 on with data about family, politics, work and leisure, environment, religion and morality, and national identity for adult citizens in Europe.
  • Family and Society Studies Worldwide

Family & Society Studies Worldwide™, (FSWW) is a core resource providing the most comprehensive coverage of research, policy, and practice literature in the fields of Family Science, Human Ecology, Human Development, and Social Welfare. FSSW covers popular issues as well as meeting the requirements of professionals in all fields of social work, social science and family practice. Coverage spans from 1970 to the present indexing publications from a wide range of social science disciplines including anthropology, sociology, psychology, demography, health sciences, education, economics, law, history and social work. Source documents include professional journals, conference papers, books, book chapters, government reports, discussion and working papers, statistical documents, theses & dissertations and other sources. FSSW is an anthology of four database files providing access to more than 1.3 million records.

  • Foreign [outside of U.S.] Labor Statistics
    Provides international comparisons of hourly compensation costs; productivity and unit labor costs; labor force, employment and unemployment rates; and consumer prices. The comparisons relate primarily to the major industrial countries, but other countries are included in certain measures. Produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a subdepartment of the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Foreign Trade Statistics
    Monthly statistical reports, imports and exports by country, trade balances, commodity trade. Also contains historical data back to 1991. Produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • OECD iLibrary
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s SourceOECD provides a wide variety of economic information and statistical resources in the form of books, periodicals, statistical databases and even downloadable software. Furnishes statistics, papers, and selected special reports on the member countries of OECD; covers various aspects of economies including education, economy, infrastructure, and trade.

  • ProQuest Statistical Insight (Statistical Universe)Help & Support Information
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    Provides government statistics, business, trade, and research information, and private and international statistical information. U.S. government statistics go back to 1973 and private and state sources go back to 1980.

  • Statista

    Provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries.

  • Statistical Data Warehouse
    The European Central Bank organizes economic and financial statistics for the Euro area, including inflation, exchange rates, consumer price indices, and more.

  • WDI Online
    The statistical benchmark of the World Bank that helps measure the progress of development. The WDI provides a comprehensive overview of development, drawing on data from the World Bank and more than 30 partners.

  • World Values Study
    The World Values Survey (WVS) is an international research program devoted to the scientific and academic study of social, political, economic, religious and cultural values of people in the world. The project’s goal is to assess which impact values stability or change over time has on the social, political and economic development of countries and societies.