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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ARTD 570 Design Research Methodology

This guide supplements the library session for ArtD 570 done on Februray 7, 2019. It provides links to databases and handouts used for this class, and other information.

Scopus example

Scopus is a multidisciplinary database of scholarly journals, books, and conference proceedings, including those for the arts and humanities. 

As for the WOS example, we will again search in Scopus for the article “The Business of Urban Coolness: Emerging Markets for Street Art” from 2018.

Here is an example of how a title with articles that cite it displays in the search Results list .....

scopus result list example of times cited in database


.... and here is how the record of the title looks ...


scopus record example of times cited in database



It is a recent article so there are no Cited by articles as there has not been enough time to publish yet.  But one can still benefit from doing a look for Citedness search of the article's references. In this example there is a link to the 50 Cited references that are referenced in the article.   Clicking on the "View references (50)" link will display a list of records for those titles.

Prominently on the right side you will handily see the Times Cited for these records for references cited by the articles, including zero if there are none. 

In Scopus the Cited numberes are part of the citation record. You have to look real hard to see it.  I am noting that there are some references in WOS that are not in Scopus, and one occasion where the multi-author names are in difference orders. Plus there are 50 references in Scopus but 49 in WOS. Plus, of course, different Cited numbers as there are different publications indexed between the two databases. So you may find some unique titles in one that you can't find in the other.