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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ARTD 570 Design Research Methodology

This guide supplements the library session for ArtD 570 done on Februray 7, 2019. It provides links to databases and handouts used for this class, and other information.

What is citation mining?

‘Citation mining’ utilizes known information about a specific article to identify other articles that are relevant. 


How?  It’s simple !

First, find the ‘prefect’ citation.

Simply by finding the ‘perfect’ article, you can find more relevant ones by ‘mining’ it.


Search for other publications by the same author. 

Most literature databases will have the author name linking from the article to other publications found in that database when available.  You may, of course, do an author search using the name as well.

Try searching for other publications by the author in more than one literature database.   Each literature database has its own unique suite of journals (and some do books/book chapters), so you may find unique articles by the same author in one literature database that are not in another.


Review the References listed that the author used to write the article to see if there are any relevant ones for use. 

Many databases provide the Reference list citations as part of the record. If they don’t, go to the article itself to view them.


Review articles that cite the article.

Finding articles that cite the article reveals research that found the article related to and of value to the later, more recent article.   There are a number of databases that have this capability.  We will work with three – Web of Science, Scopus, and Art & Architecture Source.

Note: It takes time to publish articles, so if your ‘perfect’ article is recent, it likely will not have any articles that cite it yet.  Also, of course, not articles are cited.


Also, helpful .....

Identify relevant terms used in the ‘perfect’ article. 

These can be used to revise or create new searches that identify articles that are relevant but use those terms rather than the ones you previously used.