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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Digital Content Creation

Inventory Creation and Upload

Content provider will organize and create an inventory of candidates for digitization. This inventory will be used to show when an item has been digitized, as well as to share notes on individual items.  These notes can either be from the Content Provider to the DCC staff, or vice versa.  This information is used within DCC and the project only.  The public facing information with be in the repository.  This will be a means of keeping stakeholders up to date on project progress.

  • The inventory can be based on the metadata created earlier, but is inward-facing. 
  • This is the information needed to properly identify each item and its origin. 
  • The template has columns suitable for a wide range of cataloged and uncataloged materials.
  • Not all the fields need to be filled, but having more information is always preferable.
  • The following columns are required:
    • Title
    • Author/Creator
    • Date
    • Call Number
    • BibID/Unique Identifier
    • Collection Link (either Voyager or Archon)
  • Content provider inputs inventory into the Medusa database, as shown.
Medusa Inventory Upload for Libraries
  • The accompanying template for your Excel document. You do not have to use all the fields, only ones relevant to your collections. You will need to upload this prior to DCC receiving material for digitization.
  • Note – please format the barcodes column by doing the following
    • Select the column you want to format
      • Go to Format Cells
      • Go to the Number tab
      • Select the Custom category
      • Select “0” code for format the barcodes correctly for upload
  • Review the directions for saving a spread sheet in the correct format. For Windows use “Unicode Text.” See the figure below for reference.      

  • Login to Medusa
  • Go to the green “Projects” tab.
  • Locate your respective project and click on it.
  • Click on the upper right hand corner to the “Upload” button    

  • Select your file and click “Upload”
  • You will receive an email confirming your upload including the number of items that successfully uploaded
  • It is wise to confirm your upload in your project tab to make sure all of your items appear.