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Brazil & Rio Olympic Games 2016

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In this guide

In this guide you will find tools and resources for your research that are relevant to several subject areas.

  • Bibliographies: Selected bibliographies about sports in Latin America, as well as international and general bibliographies
  • Catalogs: Illinois library catalogs and those of various Brazilian national and university libraries
  • Compilations: Selected classic and recent compilations of scholarly publications
  • Databases: Online databases for Brazilian Studies, both open access and available by subscription 
  • Online Resources: Relevant research resources and/or online access to original or digitized primary sources.
  • Rio 2016 & More: Information about the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, other Mega Sporting events, and about our Chai Wai event on the Olympics
  • Special Collections: Relevant special materials held in different locations within the University Library


Learn more about Brazil with our Brazil Libguide, which includes bibliographic, primary and online sources about Brazilian history, politics, literature, online resources and much more.


Welcome to the Research Guide on Sport and the Olympic Movement in Latin America and the Caribbean. The purpose of this guide is to provide organized access to the main research resources on Latin American sport that are available to students, staff, faculty, and visiting scholars at the University of Illinois Libraries. While most the material presented here is available in our collection (physical and virtual), you will also find sources openly available worldwide. This guide is a reflection of a recent initiative to create a subspecialty in Latin American sport in our larger Latin American and Caribbean Studies library collection, a unique focus among major academic libraries in the United States.

The Latin American and Caribbean Sport collection at Illinois comprised of some 4,000 volumes. Illinois's general sport collection is significant with some 48,000 titles covering specific sports (e.g. soccer, baseball, tennis, boxing, cycling, etc.), events (e.g. Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, FIFA World Cups), and formats (e.g. books, journals, music scores, DVDs, microfilms, posters, etc.) from all over the world and in multiple languages.

While this is not meant as a comprehensive guide, its aim is to provide researchers with initial sources on this topic.



Guide Prepared by:

Catalina Hernandez-Cabal - Graduate Student

Antonio Sotomayor - Librarian of Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Katrina Spencer - IASL Graduate Assistant


Olympism and Sports in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mundo Deportivo Magazine, Number 100, Buenos Aires, March 15,1951

Available upon request at the International and Area Studies Library