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Latin American and Caribbean Sport: Bibliographies


Arbena, Joseph. An Annotated Bibliography of Latin American Sport: Pre-Conquest to the Present. New York: Greenwood Press, c1989.

This bibliography annotates more than 1300 texts and mainly includes books, articles, documents, and unpublished theses relevant to the study of sports in Latin America, covering an extended time period from before the European conquest to the present. The majority of the citations include annotations regarding materials' special features, highlights, and interpretative approaches. Materials included are mainly in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a few in French, Italian, and German. Some conceptual and theoretical studies of sports are also included.

Table of Contents

  • Preface 
  •  Theory and History
  • Indigenous Traditions
  • Iberian Background
  • Colonial Era
  • National Period
  • Hispanic Sports and Sportsmen in the United States
  • Current Latin American Sports
  • Periodicals
  • Addendum  
  • Subject Index
  • Author Index 

Arbena, Joseph. Latin American Sport: An Annotated Bibliography, 1988-1998. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1999.

This book primarily includes articles published between 1988 and 1998 and a few materials published before 1988 that had not been included in the previous bibliography but were considered valuable for the study of sports in Latin America. Items listed contain brief annotations referring to each publication's main features. Materials included in this bibliography are authored by journalists and some academic researchers addressing the history of sports in Latin America as well as the diverse problems related to them. The most recurrent sport included in this publication is soccer and in second place is baseball.

Table of Contents

  •   Preface   p. ix
  •   Indigenous Traditions   p. 1
  •   Iberian Background   p. 8
  •   Colonial Era   p. 12
  •   National Period: General   p. 14
  •   National Period: Middle America   p. 43
  •   National Period: South America   p. 128
  •   Hispanic Sports and Sportsmen in the United States   p. 210
  •   Addendum   p. 225
  •   Subject Index   p. 229
  •   Author Index   p. 237

Cox, Richard William, editor. International Sport: A Bibliography, 1995-1999: Including Index to Sports History Journals, Conference Proceedings and Essay Collections. London; Routledge, 2004.


This bibliography contains worldwide reference books including encyclopedias, dictionaries, chronologies, statistical compilations, and bibliographies. Special material from archives and museums, as well as specialized journals are also listed. The bibliography includes a subject index.






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