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Latin American and Caribbean Sport: Digital Collections

Special Libraries and Collections

  • H-Sport Archive Project, Latin America: This project from H-Sport, compiles and annotates archival collections throughout the world relevant for the scholarly research of sport in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Biblioteca del Fútbol Argentino: This project from the Argentinean Library of Football provides online access to digitized historical material held at that library. Materials cover dates from 1915 to 1995 and include minutes, memoirs, team rosters, scores, team positions, and photographs.
  • Biblioteca Digital de Chile - Deportes: The Digital Library of Chile has digitized several periodicals from their sports collections. Sources include different newspapers and magazines covering different sports from the early 20th century.
  • El Fígaro: Semanario de sports y de literatura (Cuba): Weekly magazine covering news and events relating Cuban sports and literature. Currently, issues range from July 23, 1885 to December 28, 1. Part of the Cuban Ephemera Collection at UCLA. 
  • La Vida Baseball: Multi-media site celebrating Latino baseball. Includes articles, video-essays, and interviews. 
  • LA84 Sports Library and Digital Collection: The LA84 Foundation maintains a traditional paper-based library as well as a growing digital library. Together, these collections cover all aspects of sport, with a particular emphasis on Olympic information.
  • O Globo Sportivo (1938-1952): Open access editions of O Globo Sportivo, the sports section of the O Globo newspaper, from 1938 to 1952 from the Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil.
  • World Olympic Library at the Olympic Studies Centre (International Olympic Committee): The IOC Olympic Studies is the world source of reference for Olympic knowledge. We are dedicated to sharing this knowledge with professionals and researchers through providing information, giving access to our unique collections, enabling research and stimulating intellectual exchange. (taken from their site)
  • 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Collected by: International Internet Preservation Consortium. Archived since: Mar, 2016. A collection of websites related to the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. International Internet Preservation Consortium member institutions contributed suggested websites for inclusion in the collection. Public seed nominations were also solicited and received.

Latin American and Caribbean Sport Digital Library

This is a collection of historical books on sport and recreation from Latin America and the Caribbean, which are in open access to the public through HathiTrust.

Visit the collection here.



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