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Queer Theory: Finding Articles

Searching Databases

  • Using keywords will search for instances where that word or phrase is mentioned in the description and/or record of the items within the database. Starting off with keywords can help you generate subject terms that could help you broaden or expand what you're looking for.

Example keywords: queer, queer theory, lesbianism, gay, LGBT 

  • You might chose to use subject headings and/or terms, which are terms used to describe what the document contains. Searching through subject headings will give you materials that are specifically about that topic. Keep in mind that these headings are pre-selected, so using both broad and specific terms will help you discover different subjects you might want to search. Below are some lists that compile some of the subject headings. Please note that these lists are not finite, and that subject headings don't always reflect more commonly used terminology that could be applicable to your search or particular collection you are searching.

Library of Congress Subject Headings for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Topicsfrom the Indiana University of Bloomington Gender Studies Research Guide.

LGBTQ Subject Headings- from the Yale University LGBTQI Subject Guide.


Databases to find Articles


These links will take you to the online catalog from which you can see the journal online by clicking on the Discover full text button.  


Gender Issues

Peer reviewed interdisciplinary articles from across the nation that focuses on gender and gender equality. There are basic and applied research articles that examine gender relationships along with the impact of social, political, economic and legal forces on gender. 


  GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Scholarly and peer-reviewed journal with articles on scholarship, criticism and commentary on various subjects including but not limited to literary studies, political science and law. Their aim is to give a queer perspective on every issue. 




The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide

"A bimonthly journal of history, culture and politics," this journal prints essays from different academic fields as well as reviews on books, plays and movies. 




Sexuality & Culture

An interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that publishes theoretical articles, literature reviews, experiment results, book reviews, and critical reviews of literature and other media. 



The Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality: A Review of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Law

The first and only student-edited law review in the country that is devoted to covering legal issues of interest in the LGBT community. They address all types of legality issues in theoretical and practical articles written by academicians, practitioners and students. It is published annually and has a national and international dissemination. 

Journal of Lesbian Studies

A peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the perspective of lesbians and presents book reviews, poetry, editorial letters, debates and commentaries, balancing scholarly and practical information. 





LGBT Health 

A peer-reviewed journal that focuses on promoting healthcare for the LGBT population through research, reviews, clinical reports, legal/policy perspectives and book reviews.



These links will take you to the online catalog from which you can see the magazine online by clicking on the Discover full text button.  


The Advocate

An American bi-monthly editorially focused magazine that covers news, politics, opinion and arts and entertainment. It is the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the US and the only surviving one of its kind founded before the 1969 Stonewall Riots. 




A LGBT lifestyle, fashion and entertainment magazine with the highest circulation of any LGBT monthly publication in the US. 






Lesbian magazine that covers news, social issues, politics, celebrity interviews and stories on pop culture, entertainment style and travel.






RFD: A Country Journal for Gay Men Everywhere

A quarterly reader-written magazine that focuses on gay country living and alternative lifestyles. 





Gay Parent

A periodical that features personal stories of LGBT parents from across the country. Topics such as adoption, foster care, how to get pregnant, and what it is like to raise children are covered.