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Queer Theory: Online Sources

Online Collection Links

These collections are online sources which could help you find further materials to use in your research.



ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

The largest repository of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer materials in the world. 




A broad source for reading about the history and some of the people who are part of the LGBT spectrum. There are a lot of sources that can be found here, including timelines that chronicle important events. There are different visual materials, oral histories and documents. 


  Digital Transgender Archive

This archive is a collection of digitized historical materials, digital materials in general, and information on archival holdings across the world.



  LGBT Activist Collections

A collection of documents from the civil rights movement for LGBT people consisting of photographs, posters, artwork and ephemera from the New York Public Library.  



  AIDS Education Posters Collection

More than 1,300 posters documenting the AIDS education and informing of the public campaign from 1982 to the present. There are more than 60 countries and over 100 languages represented in these posters.


 Gay History & Literature

A collection of essays and valuable information regarding gays and lesbians across history. There are two sections dedicated to primary documents, Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England and Homosexuality in Nineteenth-Century England



  People with a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans* History

Gives an outline of LGBTQ history across all time periods and parts of the world. This site includes many original texts, and discussions. 



  The Empty Closet

One of the oldest and still being published LGBT papers in the U.S. There are full text digitized issues from 1971 to the year before the current one. 




  Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Medieval texts that shows gender roles, how sex and gender were constructed and well as how married life was for Medieval people.




  LGBTQ History in Government Documents

A timeline of LGBTQ history represented through congressional reports, presidential documents, court cases and other federal resources.