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Queer Theory: Home



 Background: Overview of the history and origins of Queer  theory.


 Researching with Queer Theory: Tips on how to find and cite  source material, along with other useful information.


 Finding Articles: List of journals, reference material, and  magazines to start researching.


Finding Books: Instructions on how to search for print and electronic books as well as a concise list of the core works of Queer Theory. Books that bring into discussion Queer theory with other subject matters such as culture and politics are listed.


 Online Sources: Here you will find an array of notable  online sources.




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The SSHEL library has a page dedicated to LGBT studies that might be of interest: Resources in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies

The Undergraduate Library has a LibGuide about Gender and Sexual Identity that may be of interest: Gender and Sexual Identity LibGuide.

This guide was created to provide an overview of what Queer Theory is as well as guide you in your search for materials that are in conversation with Queer Theory among the University of Illinois Library's sources and beyond.

Reference Material to Start your Research

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