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EALC 398: History and Memory of the Asia-Pacific War: Citing Your Sources

Course guide for EALC 398 exploring the events, writings, remembrances, literature and cinema related to the pre-WW II actions of Japan.

Citation Management Tools

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Why should you cite?

Common Questions about Citation Styles

1. What does it mean to "cite my sources"?

A citation is a reference to a published source; in your paper, you are acknowledging that you found this information published somewhere, by someone.

2. Why do I have to cite my sources?

Not citing your sources could mean you are guilty of plagiariam. When you find information in another source, whether it is a newspaper, magazine, academic journal, or even online, like in a blog, someone else has published it, which means that person "owns" the information and the ideas. Not giving that person credit when you borrow their ideas or words is called plagiarism and is a very serious issue.

3. Why type of citation style should I use?

The type of citation style that is best for your assignment depends on several factors, including which discipline your course is in and also your instructor's preferences.