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One Book One Campus: Orange is the New Black: Finding Books and Articles

Resources for students hoping to explore issues central to the 2014-2015 One Book One Campus selection "Orange is the New Black" in greater depth, including the prison system, motherhood, and female relationships.

Recommended Books

How do I find articles?

There are quite a few article databases that may be helpful. Choosing the right one depends mostly on your topic/ focus. Databases below are divided into broad areas. Try to think about which one (or two) your topic fits with.

Mental illness: depression, substance abuse, suicide, anxiety

  • Helpful databases:
  • Potential keywords: mental health, mental illness, substance abuse, drug abuse, psychoses, rehabilitation, correctional psychology

Sociological codes in prisons: power structures, racial groups, relationship building

Rehabilitation of prisoners back into society: educational programs, counseling efforts, career counseling, outside support systems

Motherhood and imprisonment: effects on children and their well-being, effects on mothers, relocation complications

Sexual assault: rape as a form of control/ power, pregnancy within prison, guard- prisoner sexual assault and conviction