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One Book One Campus: Orange is the New Black: Author

Resources for students hoping to explore issues central to the 2014-2015 One Book One Campus selection "Orange is the New Black" in greater depth, including the prison system, motherhood, and female relationships.

2014 Award

In 2014, Piper won the Justice Trailblazer Award for Orange is the New Black. The award "honors individuals from the media and related fields who have expanded public awareness about the challenges and complexities of criminal justice". Piper's consciousness raising of prison issues, especially in regards to women, was an important component of her being recognized.

About Piper

There are several sources that include biographical information about Piper

  • Piper tweets regularly at @Piper
  • Many plot points of Piper's life have been debunked and expanded upon in sources like NPR, Vanity Fair, and the New York Times
  • Piper's husband, Larry, has also confirmed many parts of her biography in sources like the New York Times
  • Piper keeps a detailed list of her scheduled events and press items