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One Book One Campus: Orange is the New Black: Key Topics

Resources for students hoping to explore issues central to the 2014-2015 One Book One Campus selection "Orange is the New Black" in greater depth, including the prison system, motherhood, and female relationships.

Possible Topics

Orange is the New Black covers a range of topics for you to explore. This is not a comprehensive list but instead a starting point.

  • Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Mental Illness
  • Motherhood and Imprisonment
  • Prisoners' Rights
  • Racial Divides
  • Rehabilitation of Prisoners back into Society, including Educational and Counseling programs
  • Relationships between Jailers/ Guards and Prisoners
  • Sexual Assault within the Prison System
  • Sociological Codes/ Social Structures of Behavior in Prison

Finding Background Information

Reference materials provide broad, general overviews of a topic. Most reference sources usually also feature a reference list or bibliography that can be a helpful tool in finding additional sources. As you read through a reference entry, make note of information that you would like to explore more. Then use the reference list to find information about the source that was cited. 

Our Online Reference Collection organizes sources by subject area or discipline. Some areas of interest for researching Orange is the New Black are:

Some specific online encyclopedias that could be helpful include: