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Arab Spring: Sudan

This guide aims to direct those who are studying the Arab Spring to relevant Arabic resources within the University of Illinois and in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, and Sudan.

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This list of Keywords and phrases will allow you to hone your search for materials on Sudan's history and recent political unrest.

  • "Omar al-Bashir"
  • Darfur
  • Darfur, conflict
  • "South Sudan"
  • "Transitional Military Council", Sudan
  • "Forces of Freedom and Change", Sudan
  • "Abdalla Hamdok"

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Women protesting in Sudan

Between 1989 and the end of last year, Sudan was controlled by a military dictatorship led by Omar al-Bashir. However, South Sudan's successful bid for independence, as well as the lingering after-effects of the 2003 War in Darfur, led to the gradual erosion of the dictatorship's power. This culminated in the breakout of widespread protests in late 2018, culminating in a successful coup d'etat in April of 2019. For a time, Sudan's future remained wildly uncertain, as the military alternately ignored, attacked, and negotiated with pro-Democracy protestors. On July 17th of 2019, two major Sudanese factions (the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change) agreed to a 39-month transitional process, during which the Sudanese government would be reformed as a democracy. As of January 2019, the new transitional government is currently the major political power in Sudan, though protests continue. Currently, the country is lead by a civilian prime minister named Abdalla Hamdok.


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