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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois in the Cold War Era 1945-1975: U of I Students and the Draft

U of I Students and the Draft

Student protest against the draft, circa 1969 (Illio)

Conscription of young men into the armed services expanded considerably in 1964 to fight the Vietnam War.  Although college students received deferments during their period of enrollment, many knew that they could be drafted upon graduation.  Beginning in 1965, protestors expressed their grievances against the war by publicly burning their draft cards.

U of I Sources:

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Dean of Student’s Subject File, 1966-98 (RS 41/1/6): Includes information on SDS in Box 1

Student Discipline Files, 1953-84 (RS 41/2/44)

President David D. Henry General Correspondence, 1955-71 (RS: 2/12/1)


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