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Middle East and North Africa: Libya

A comprehensive guide to each country in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Get a Feel for Libya

Basic Country Information and News

NGO's/ IGO's



International Business Times: Ancient Rome in Libya: A Suppressed History Resurfaces after Revolution

Ethnologue: Data on the languages of Libya

Mongabay: Libya's History

Libya Rock Art: Art and Archaeology Mix in South-West Libya

Swiss-Libyan Art Project: "An attempt to make a connection between stone-age rock paintings in the Messak desert to modern-age Libya"


  • Khadija Teri: Written by an American woman who has lived with her huband in Libya for 24 years
  • Libyan Food: Recipes and Pictures of Libyan food
  • The Libyan Kitchen: Western Libyan Recipies
  • Libyan Spring: Political commentary from a youth perspective in Libya
  • Alive in Libya: Covers various topics from regional events to sports to background stories from the revolution
  • Libya 360: Pro-Gaddafi Political Analysis of Libyan Current Events and History