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Middle East and North Africa: Jordan

A comprehensive guide to each country in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Get a Feel for Jordan

Basic Country Information and News




NGO's/ IGO's



Jordanian blogs:

  • The Black Iris of Jordanfocuses on politics but has a selection on poetry, music, movies, etc.
  • Khourisms- primarily Arabic, with some English
  • Shuryqeyya- a blog focusing on Jordanian politics, culture, and society (Arabic)
  • Bahtharab- a blog focusing on political and social problems in Jordan (Arabic)
  • Hareega- a blog about societal issues in Jordan, written by a Jordanian living in the US (English)
  • 360east- design, media, technology, and culture are covered in this blog in English
  • Khobbeizeh- focuses primarily on culture. (Arabic and English)


  • Jordan Tourism Board- Information on the history, culture, religion, and adventure that can be found throughout Jordan
  • UNESCO: Jordanian World Heritage Sites



  • Abu Mahjoob- A popular Jordanian cartoon that depicts current issues in Jordanian society
  • Darat al Funun- A museum housed in three buildings overlooking Amman, Jordan.

Bedouin History and Culture

Circassian History and Culture

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